Here we want to tell you, who offers Irish Dance in Germany at this time. Because this list has grown a little in the meantime, I want to subdivide in schools lead by Irish teachers or dancers, in dance shools and private dance groups.  If you know other Irish Dancing suppliers, we are pleased for any information! 

Schools / Trainers with Irish Background

Bill Whelan + Tamas Diebel - Berlin Irish Dance Company    
  Unfortunately the same Info´s,! Their Web-Site is online now! Bill:  Tel: 030 - 61 54 679   

Sean Gavan
Up to now Sean teaches every tuesday in the “Modern Dance Center” at Westenhellweg in the Dortmund City Centre (good for shopping and only 2 minutes to theIrish Pub! *g* ), Class begins at 5.00pm.  For more Info contact me oder mail directly to Sean: 
E-Mail. Another class is in Venlo/NL , wednesdays 6:30 pm.. Info´s:

Sean Gavan
Here Sean performs the lessons for future Irish Dance teachers! So who wants to teach should think about good basics, which Sean wants to give to future teachers, and have a look in Duisburg?  Lessons are sundays from 1:00 pm in Studio N, Grabenstrasse 200a in Duisburg.
For more Info´s mail me or
E-Mail directly to Sean  or have a look at .

Den Haag (NL) / Germany                         
Sean Kilkenny T.C.R.G. - Kilkenny on Tap  
Sean has his own school in Den Haag/NL . Regular classes in various cities in NL and in Duisburg (D)

 Robert Gabriell - Gabriell school of Traditional Irish Dance
 Bobby lives in Frankfurt and started dancing in his childhood, too. Unfortunately I have no E-Mail Addy
 and no Homepage address, but simply call him by phone! A well known project Bobby did was his
 cooperation with  the choreography for Magic of the Dance, a troupe touring in Germany; and he has a
 show of his own, called Fairy Tree. Bobby does workshops, too!
 Tel: 069 / 62 40 68

Kaiserslautern / München / Würzburg
 Mary Sweeney T.C.R.G. - Rince Tir na nOg    
  Mary (former Murray) started dancing at the age of 4 and took part at All Ireland und World Champiochips. 1995 she set up
 her school in Munich, later Brid McKeown joined the school. Brid now leads the school in Munich, Mary lives in Kaiserslautern
 and teaches there and in Würzburg. Both, Mary and Brid, are available for Workshops.
 Mary Sweeney & Brid McKeown M: 089-33 68 39  K:0631 / 36 07 172 W:José Sanchez, 0931-96 99 9 

Aine Halpin -  Aine Halpin School of Irish Dance
Aine´s Website is online now! And here a link to her dancing group:
Fáinne :)
 Áine has been teaching Irish Dance in Stuttgart since 1994. She holds regular classes in Solo (hard and soft shoe) and Céilí Dancing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also offers workshops, private lessons and Céilí Workshops at VHS and Performances. Classes in English/and/or German. ;-)
Áine Halpin, Libanonstr. 108, 70186 Stuttgart, Tel: 0711-483901    and  

 Anne Murphy - Anne Murphy school of Irish Dancing    
 Anne teaches in Munich as well and has her own troupe, the Emerald Dancers. Current Info´s you find on her site.
 Anne gives Workshops mainly in the south of Germany.    Anne Murphy   Phone: +49 89-93 38 84   

Wolfenbüttel ?
Sean Carmody - The Irish Harp school of Irish Step Dancing
  I do not know much about Sean, maybe somebody has more Info for us?? I think he ist in 38304 Wolfenbüttel now for workshops and has various groups!?     Sean    Tel.  05331/26125  

Studios / Dance Schools

Dance School
Irish- and American Step      Tel: 02271-76 74 74

Dance School Schmidt-Barbic Phone: 0921-22 900 +

Dance School
R. Keller             Phone: 030 - 21 87 442 + E-Mail

 Dance School Merz                   Phone: 030 - 78 12 763 + E-Mail ?

Dance School
Künkler             Phone: 06721 -42 848 and only E-Mail form on the Website :-(

Dance School Lephene/Herbst   Eva Feig, unfortuntely no more Infos..

Bordesholm/Gnissau/Schülp/Wankendorf ;-)
The “flying” teacher Gernot Graaf offers Irish Dance in the North of Germany now. According to his
     own words Gernot was instructed in Ireland and Germany. Contact: +49 4554-703030  Fax: 703070

Bremen / Weyhe
 Dance Studio Balance   Tel.: 0421 - 89 21 98 oder 80 97 296, Info´s by Ina

Dieburg (Darmstadt)
Dance School Pawlowski? Britta Boleslawski (?) 06071-20 77 25

Dance School Weise  
 This School offers Irish Dance, too. Info´s via E-Mail or by Aniko.
 Phone: 0351-31 60 377 Fax: 31 60 378

Erkrath (near Düsseldorf)
 Dance School
Iris Graf                   Phone: 0211-25 39 38        E-Mail

Scala 11     Studio Ronald Blum
  That´s the place I began! ;-)  A nice Studio, offering Riverdance-Style beneath other dance-styles.
  Teacher at this time is Nicole Macak, a fantastic american tap dancer, who keeps herself up to date
  by various irish teachers.
  Phone: 0201-40 67 73

Tanzgalerie   Dance Studio Sabine Nettler
  and Sabine had lots of effort to teach me a passably posture ;-)   Phone:  0201-40 708

Frankfurt / Main
 Dance Studio Tanzszene   school for theatre dancing    Phone: 069-70 20 20 or E-Mail

Halle / Saale
Dancehouse Halle Dance- and Ballett-School  ..unfortunately no more Infos..
  Irish. Hard- und Softshoedance by Gabi Haegele [on TV days ago, looks very well, Gabi ! :-) ]
  Phone: 0511 - 70 11 782 or via

Continetal Irish Dance Academy     Also in the north the swiss offering Irish-Dance ;-)
                                                               Unfortunately cancelled!! :(  Money??

Studio Bellabina, Workshops from time to time.. just call..Phone: 05151 - 45 888.

Studio Für Sie   DanceStudio, offering Irish Dance, too. Phone: 05151-94 99 0 + E-Mail

Ballett- and Tap School Münch   Phone/Fax: 07131 - 80 803

Dancehouse Jena     Dance School, Phone.:03641-60 55 30   E-Mail

Jever / Schortens
Dancecenter Bokelmann Phone: 04461-3766 Fax: 04461-2827  E-Mail

Karben b. Frankfurt
 Dance School Ball Phone: 06039 - 70 44   Fax: -45 150 or   E-Mail

The Tanzwerkstatt   Dance School, Tel.: 0561 - 73 99 377   or E-Mail

The DanceStudio Tendance   Dance School, Phone / Fax: 0341 - 33 33 100  or E-Mail

Lippstadt / NRW
CreaDance Dance School Stüwe/Weissenberg , Info´s by Heinfried

Dance School StepIn              Phone: 06421 67 516 

Münster / Westf.
Dance School RebelTanz     Phone: 0251 - 47 849   + E-Mail

Neustadt (31535)
 Tanzhouse                               Phone: 05032 - 79 13  + E-Mail

Neuwied (56564)
 Dance School Am Schloß     Phone: 02631 - 31 020 +  E-Mail

Wiessbaden / Giessen
Natalie Aboulfath ... Dance School Bier/Wiesbaden + Tanzstudio A /Giessen
                                   0611/44 35 44 +

Dance School Patsy&Michael Hull   Now in Osnabrück, too! Phone:  0541-33 15 00 E-Mai

Goslar / Niedersachsen
 Dance School Ratkovic            unfortunately only phone: 05321 - 82 521

Stuttgart (Fellbach)
 Dance School Heinen    Dance School, Stuttgarter Str. 62, 70736 Fellbach,
                                         Phone 0711 - 57 70 777 Info´s by Michael Heinen

Dance School Gaby Thompson Dance School, Wiesenstr. 6, 96190 Walldorf,
                                     Tel 06224 - 95 16 95  

Private- and groups of Interest Irish Dance

around Augsburg
better near Burtenbach, there Jutta Kleindienst and 2 other girls and a boy set up the group CELTICA, who also already had some performances with liveband und a female singer! Now they would be happy fo find some more support, even male dancers :) Jutta is dancing since 1999 and was teached by Maria McAteer, Brid Mc Keon, Padraig O´Dea and Natalie Aboulfath. With pleasure she will give interested people some  lessons, in Ulm and around Augsburg. There is still no website, but people who are interested just contact her by
Mail :)

Nearly 7 years ago now in Duisburg some dance enthusiastics around Thomas Stork created a group that
 in the meantime increased up to nearly 50 people, called the 
Celtic Feet. Actually all began with
 scottish dancing, but one day the irish dance virus infected some of the people. Meanwhile I am trying
 to move my feet in the right way since about over one year now ;-))

 Meanwhile several things happened. Celtic Feet divided in 2 Groups now, training in Duisburg and Moers ..
   the new groupe is called 
Celtic Rhythm and has an own Website.. just have a look :-)

not to long ago Regina built up the Group
Feel the Feet in Elmshorn and is looking forward to
  welcome interested and new people! And please have a look at her Website :-) More Info´s by

Tina Kipp has her own extensive Web-Site and offers courses, too!? If it is a dance school or a private
 Group.. I don´t know exactly... does anybody know??
 Phone & Fax: 04921 - 44 433 +

Munich (München)
Well trained by
Anne Murphy, here are the Emerald-Dancers. Info´s via Mail, and have a look
 at their site!

here man/woman is able to dance the irish style with Jürgen Henk, simply call or mail!
 Phone Jürgen: 02161 - 55 75 20 oder 
E-Mail .

 even here is an Step Dance Group, further Informationen available by
Julia Kempken
 Phone:  0911- 40 22 13

where the hell is Schnega??  ;-))  Somewhere in the North of Germany, because there is the
Proitzer Mühle , in Germany the number 1 address for workshops! Unfortunately I have not been
  there, but I hope, that will change in near future! ;-) What I heard about: Workshops, courses and lot´s of

and in Ulm is Irish Dancing all around, too! ;-) There are the Ulmer Celtic Dancers..detailed information you
 can find out by
Ulla Schneider


Always looking for new data, I want to ask you all: If you know other schools/groups in Germany, please let me know! So I am able to tell all interested people where they have a chance to dance! I receive many inquiries from interested people all over germany who want to start and don´t know where!!!  Especially the east of germany seems to be an Irish Dance desert, so... send me your mails! ;-))