Links to other pages dedicated to Irish Dance, the Shows or Irland

German Sites ...

   The WebSite from Mary Sweeney!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the german variation of  Celtic Cafe! (unfortunately closed at the moment)

The Proitzer Mühle is the No. 1 location in Germany for workshops around all Irish things, dance, music etc.

Philipp´s Site about all the touring shows! :-)

Irishdance Academy

Help, the swiss are coming ;-)) The Intercontinental Irish Dance Academy..


German Site about Ireland, lot´s of Information!!

Fiddle +Feet

The Site from Natalie Aboulfath

Emerald Dancers

Sites from the munich based troupe, who are offering courses as well!

Feel the Feet

Irish Dance in Elmshorn, interested people should contact Regina

Tina Kipp !

very informative, many links to organizers in the North!

Shamrock Dancers

 the girls from Wuppertal... you can book them, too!

Irish Cream

a new site from Silka and Marion, former Shamrock Celtic Spirit girls! :)) Unfortunately they split, but like “phoenix out of the ashes..” Good Luck, Girls!  :))


Inka Asolli´s  Dance-Project!! Dancers and sponsors, contact Inka! :-)
All the best and success, Inka! :-)))


actually a Site from an Tap school in Würzburg, but from time to time Irish Dance, too!  Mary Sweeney is doing workshop´s there, too

Celtic Flame

another Troupe from  Hannover!

Celtic Fire

..And Tatjana´s new Site ... ;-)


german/irish society in Frankfurt (info´s about Gaelfest´s

Jolly Jigs

a group from Regensburg!? good site, unfortunately I don´t know too much about.


little world of Irishdance, a beautiful new site from Christine, a pupil of Mary Sweeney

Dancing Unlimited

the new website from Thorben Prüter; still under construction, but             already quite informative

Irish Heartbeat

the beautiful new website from the Höchstadt-girls :-)


another group based in Hameln

The Don Dorcha Transcripts

here some people made much efforts in several languages! Well done!


I suppose they like Kilkenny beer too, but.. a group from Sindelfingen!! :)


The Berlin people introduce themselves! :-))

Celtic Dancer

Sneza´s Site, have a look  (again NRW, Essen ) :)

Irish Inspiration

Gabi´s girls from Hannover now online, too!

Irish Fun

somehow this ruhr-area becomes leading in Irish Dance  ;)

Irish Thunder

a new Site from William Caputo and Robert Gabriell

Burning Socks ;)

the girls from Hessen :) hopefully the name is not their program ;-)

Lets Dance Berlin

a view into berlin´s dancing scene


a shuffling troup, arised from J. Kempkens studio

Set Dancing

site about set dancing, what I neglected a long time


Set dancing with fun ;-)

are you looking for the next german Ceili dates? find them here!

International (english)  Sites ...

The Original!    really everything about troups, dancers, musicians...absolutely great!!!

Anne Buckley !
Finally the site from the fantastic singer
from Lord of the Dance is online!


 Don´t know who is Bruce?? Time to meet him!  :-)
LotD-Troupe1 Site !
   Bruce´s Site about
Anne´s CD´s !


 Dianes Ireland-Sites, lot´s of links...

Ann´s Place

Irish Dance, Music, Ireland..  gnaa!! Ann likes to move with her site? ;)


Simon & Lisas german, but english written Site about Irish Dancing

Irishdance NL

Leenke´s dutch Site about Irish dancing

Irish-Dancer UK

Links, links , links ! Where to find more and better ones ? :)

Irishdance UK

The Site in England! ( the Site from Conor Avademy of Irish Dancing)

Irishdancing Magazin

Die ultimate Paper for dancers and interested people..

Irish Step for Dummies

Teresa´s HP, lot´s of tips for dancers, good music! ;-))


Irisch Site, very well done! (English/Gaelic)

Oscail an Doras!

Jessica´s Irish Dance Sites! simply great!!


Dance Academy for Flatley-Fans!

Olive Hurley

The best Videos and music to learn irishdance!!

James !   ;-) or see Saoirseweb

already seen? ;) video clips from nearly all shows and James himself ;)

Local Ireland

a bunch of Ireland infos !


All about Michael  Flatley !

 at Pacelli there are not only shoes! Stories, Infos, Interwievs.. 

 The Kilfenora Ceili Band !! for me it is one of the best Irish
  Ceili-Bands around!
  The CD is fantastic and so is their Website ;-)

The site of this fantastic singer, with sounds!! Go, see and listen! :-):-)

Celtic Craic
and if you are in the mood to chat with us: have a look inside! :-) simply get an ID at Yahoo
     or who already has Yahoo Messenger, is nearly in! :-))

Find it Ireland

Irland from A to Z .. very informative!

Claddagh Records

Original Irish Music!!


and Irish Dance in Austria, too... a beautiful new Site :-) (english/german)

Shamrock Dance Company

and Austria again :)


a  Flathead... and a great Site for MF-Fans! ..from......  Österreich! *g*


  this group is created from Vienna´s danceschool “Schwebach” !

Nicole´s Sites.. which Nicole initiates us into her dreams ;-)) (Switzerland)

Shamrock Shop

and if you are looking for an Irish it is ;-)

The Celtic Attic

and another shop!!   ;-)

Peadars Artwork

partially very beautiful celtic drawings!  just have a look!!


You are playing Bodhran or you are interested??  Then: have a look at this forum

Und die passenden Instrumente gibt es auch! Teilweise in Deutsch!

Celtic Spirit Vienna

keltischer Geist aus Wien ;))


Second Hand Costumes and shoes to get by Lisa! :):)

Aniko´s Site

Irish dancing in Budapest! :)

Solas !!   The fantastic Music from Dancing On Dangerous Ground???    THEY did it!! :))
Unfortunately you only can see the site in a good way with this bloody “Internet-Exploder”  :(

Lets dance the Irish way

Good Site, with a sub-site from a former RotD dancer!

Clerkin Irish Dance

Site from Máire Clerkin, dancer, choreographer and many more!

Redmond School of ID / NL

The Redmond School of Irish Dancing in Holland, Den Haag

Celtic Border (NL)

Ann Gallaghers Website !!

Karo-Steps (CH)

another swiss site, have a look! :)

Irish Dance Center Vienna

Austria again! Ursula and Harald invite to dance.. ;)

Dervish   Another great Irish formation, who have beautiful ballads and great music to dance! Worth to see! :)

Another  Online-Shop from USA, for ex. they have Kelly Jigshoes

Red Hat Music

Music-Shop From Cork, Ireland


Great Gaelforce-Dance Photos from Matthias Hinrichs, Light designer at Gaelforce :)

Michael Londra

former Riverdance singer with good MP3´s oh his site ;)

Irish Dance Fitness !!

fitness for Irish Dancers ;)

Feet of Fire

a new show from newzealand?

Celtic TV

Radio, live streams and more... really interesting

Footstompin !

CD´s and celtic music from scottish artists

Marie Duffy

the “right hand” from Michale Flatley now online

Rua´s  World

Site of the Band “RUA” with great tracks to listen!

Ceili Dance !

Who wants to dance Ceilis, here is the place ;)

Celtic Connections

a scottish dance festival and more...


Dance costumes and more.. from Dublin

Dress Xpress

Dance costumes, too

Get that Dress

Sell and buy Irish Dance costumes

Harp & Thistle

online CD-shop from the states...

Festivals in Ireland

looking for festivals in Ireland? have a look!

Halpin School of Irish Dance

Aine Halpin s school in Germany

interesting site, also Feis-Dates to find here

Exotic ;) ...

Celtic World   (Italy!)

hier you should speak italian! ;-) but looks good;-))

Iridan             (Moscow!!)

..I can´t speak russian, but.. even in Moscow!!

Ronan Morgan (Hungary) you should be able to read hungarian! ;))

Celtic.HU (Hungary)

..and here hungarian, too ;))

Irisztepp (Hungary)

Catherine Gallagher in Hungary, too! What is the secret of Hungary?? ;-)

Dark Green (Denmark)

Irish Dancing in Kopenhagen, too! Do you speak danish?? ;-)

Die Kunis

Luc´s Moppel-Seiten

Mattes Home-Paege ;-)

Katie :-)

always 35 years old Peter ;-)

and some links to friends, not as crazy as me about Irish Dance, but people who are good friends an have interesting sites, too :-)))